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The Aertssen Group is a Belgium-based family business with over 50 years of experience establishing a reputation of Europe's leading earthmoving, heavy lift and heavy transport contractor. Around 10 years ago, Aertssen decided to strengthen its presence in the UAE market by creating a brand-new division. 

Aertssen Machinery Services (AMS), based in Abu Dhabi, specialises in vertical and horizontal heavy transport covering the MENA region. 

Ever since, our wealth of experience, qualified and committed staff and use of state-of-the-art technologies combined, ensure that our integrated services meet all of the customers' needs and expectations. Our thorough and flexible approach enables us to deal efficiently with complex projects and tight deadlines, bringing each and every commission to a satisfactory conclusion.


Aertssen Machinery Services build a brand new premises in Abu Dhabi's ICAD III. In March 2019 we opened our 30,000 square meters complex.


AMS is specialized at hoisting works and exceptional transport. The manpower, time and knowledge you are lacking to do your hoisting job flawlessly and smoothly, we have it. You rely on the 3D plans of our experts to prepare your project into the smallest details.

Aertssen has executed several numbers of turnkey projects. Providing you with one-stop shop solution, range covered all requirements at site. From small mobile cranes for quick and versatile operation ranging up-to large and heavy crawler cranes for extreme lifting jobs.


AMS earth moving division is specialized in large scale earth moving and maritime projects for almost any industry. Throughout the GCC region we provide tailor made solutions to our clients in accordance with our engineering department for more complex matters.

Our brand new equipment and experienced manpower are ready for any of your upcoming challenges.


Aertssen, an organisation to build on - for more than 50 years now. Our secret is revealed by our slogan: People, Power & Passion to build on. Three valuable characteristics we would expertly like to offer you. 

Your construction is as strong as its weakest link. Therefore, you demand top quality of all your partners. Aertssen has got it all: the dedication and skill of our people lift your project to new heights. That is our guarantee today and in the future. 

Have faith in our passion: infrastructure, hoisting or transport works? It is not just our job. It is our passion. Day in, day out, Aertssen is fully dedicated to your project. We always focus on the best solution for your specific wishes and needs.

Greg Aertssen



Aertssen believes in forming solid partnerships with the customers. This means honouring every agreement, constantly seeking to improve our working relationships and consistently looking for ways to improve our services. This attitude forms the very heart of our business policy.

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